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Types of Cocaine to Buy Online

Cocaine is a stimulating drug in form of a stone made by processing coca plant leaves. Coca plant is native to South American countries such as Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. Each country’s coca plant produces cocaine with its own significance. There are many types of cocaine you can buy to enjoy the effects.

Cocaine is consumed by snorting after crushing it into powder form and making lines. It was legal in 1900s but due to addictive properties, it became a banned drug. Consuming cocaine for medical purposes in moderate quantities is proven to be effective. However, make sure to buy cocaine without mixing of any external substance. As many street dealers mix external substances to increase the weight to make more profits.

Here are the common types of cocaine.

Peruvian Cocaine

Peruvian cocaine is made by processing coca plant leaves native to Peru. With the uncut conditions of Peruvian cocaine, it delivers significantly potent effects. Due to no additives, its moderate quantity is safe for consumption. Peru is the world’s second cocaine-producing country after Colombia, it has over  49,000 hectares of coca plantations.

Colombian Cocaine

Colombia is the world’s top cocaine-producing country.  Colombia produces over 972 tons of cocaine with 234,000 hectares of coca plantation. Colombian cocaine is the best in the world due to its unique stimulating properties of coca plant. Colombian Cocaine is available in stock for sale at our store and ready to ship discreetly at your doorsteps.

Mexican cocaine

Mexican cocaine or El Chapo cocaine is known for its potent euphoria in the market. It is a famous cocaine type around the world. Due to high potency, local dealers cut it with external substances to increase the quantity and make more money. As dealers pass cocaine to each other it gets more and more impure. If you’re looking to buy Mexican cocaine then contact us to deliver you uncut quality coke at your doorsteps.

Fish Scale Cocaine

Fish scale cocaine refers to lab produced quality cocaine or uncut cocaine made by process coca leaves. It has a sparkling shiny look and is flaky in solid form. The term uncut fish scale type of cocaine that is over 97% pure and does not contain any kind of mixing. As dealers mix many additives to increase the quantity and make higher profits.

Crack Cocaine

Crack is the type of cocaine that is supposed to be smoked instead of snorted. It is made by a unique process of cooking cocaine with baking soda. Smoking crack produces short-spanning but intense euphoria and stimulating effects than snorting Orignal cocaine. Consumers buy Crack cocaine as it is cheaper than regular cocaine.

Pink Cocaine

Pink cocaine is not natural, it is chemically made and is in form of a pinkish powder that produces similar effects as real cocaine. Also, Pink cocaine is chemically known as 2C-B, its manufacturers call it a safe drug. But it has many mental and physical side effects if overdosed.


Each type of cocaine produces unique effects with varying intensities of potency. However, crack and Tucibi (Pink Cocaine) has much higher addiction and are dangerous to consume.

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